Examine the different organizations below. Take the time to learn about the organization and their work. Go into Google Docs and create a presentation with the Title LastName.HUNGER.Class. Make sure you share the document with me and every member of your group. Each member of your group should construct 3 pages in the presentation. (With permission of the instructor groups could use Glogste, create an imovie, use Comic Life, or some other product)

Create a title page with the name of the organization and each member of the group listed.
This is a visual presentation so slides can only have a title and an image. Very Little writing!
With no written notes you will be presenting this to the class.

Map of Food Staples Around the World

Josette Sheeran At TED (19:10)

Things to cover-

1. What is the mission of the Organization?
2. How is this organization different from other Organizations?
3. Where does this organization get it's funding?
4. How is this funding spent?
5. What areas of the world does it focus?
6. Each student should select one "story" presented by the organization to present.

EGG Map (US State Department) - 3 minutes

and (US State Department) - 4.5 minutes


No Hungry Kid - an organization that funds big grants; probably out of our reach, but there are also resources for educators

Lead2Feed - this one is much more directed at students. Here's their description of their purpose:
The World Hunger Leadership Challenge was created by the USA TODAY Charitable Foundation and the Lift a Life Foundation, with assistance from the Yum! Foundation, to encourage middle and high school students to hone leadership skills by completing a service-learning project that solves hunger issues.
The DuPont Challenge - is an essay contest


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